Vienna young Scientists Symposium
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Vienna young Scientists Symposium

7.-8.. Juni 2018

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Intelligent Data Systems

Modern ICT technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, are reshaping the way we perceive, interact and understand our own physical world.   For example, CPS consist of tightly intertwined physical  and software components  that enable to monitor and control the physical environment, while IoT provides the necessary networking infrastructure and services supporting machine-to-machine interoperability and machine-to-human interaction. These systems typically generate an incredible amount of data collected through their distributed sensors. Big data techniques are fundamental to analyze these voluminous and complex datasets, while cloud computing provides on demand computing and storage resources required by these computationally and data intensive tasks. These technologies are now playing a key role in several application domains ranging from manufacturing processes to personalized medicine. With the progress of technology and solutions in each of these fields there is an increasing demand on formal methods for specification languages, verification techniques, and artificial intelligence algorithms to make them smarter and to ensure important safety and security requirements.

Our goal in this symposium is to seek for topics where we see the impact of CPS, IoT, Big Data, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Formal Methods, etc. on the design, development and operation of intelligent data systems in various domains. We seek for interesting ideas and techniques not only to show the embedment of advanced ICT into these domains, but also how IoT, Big Data, AI, Formal Methods etc. improve these domains through intelligent mechanisms, autonomous monitoring, adaptation and analytics.

The list of the topics:

  • Machine learning and big data systems
  • IoT and data analytics tools
  • Social-cyber-physical-systems
  • Artificial Intelligence  methods & algorithms
  • Intelligence Amplification methods & algorithms
  • Formal methods for designing, analyzing and verifying systems

Chair and Reviewer: Univ.Prof. Dr. Agata Ciabattoni and Privatdoz. Dr. techn. Hong-Linh Truong and Assistant Prof. Dr. Ezio Bartocci