Vienna young Scientists Symposium
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Vienna young Scientists Symposium

1.-2. Juni 2017

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Chemical technology and Bioscience

Chemistry, biology and biochemistry are key disciplines of the 21st century matching the ever increasing demand for environmentally-friendly raw materials and bioactive compounds, novel product-specific materials as well as an ever evolving characterization of the materials used with regard to product safety and biological compatibility. Under the influence of limited natural resources and significant signs of climate change, the interface between chemistry and biology is expected to have great potential for solving current problems and developing biologically based innovations.

These research areas have a long tradition at the TU Wien, which goes back to the founding years of the University. Today, the Faculty of Technical Chemistry focuses on networked research in three main research areas (i) CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY OF MATERIALS, (ii) SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT, and (iii) BIOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY. Research ranges from knowledge-oriented basic research to developments with high application relevance. In the field of Chemistry and Technology of Materials, the focus is on materials with special physical, chemical and electrochemical functions, on chemical, biochemical and physical processes at biological, organic and inorganic surfaces and interfaces, on sintered and composite materials as well as on a comprehensive material characterization. In the area of Sustainability, Energy and Environment, research at the TU Wien particularly focuses on the developement of viable concepts for the use of biomass for the production of heat and electricity, with sustainable, high-quality use of raw materials within product-oriented or fuel-oriented biorefineries, with environmental chemistry and technology as well as with the development of new catalyst systems for biological transformations and efficient and novel processes in the context of Green Chemistry. In the field of Biosciences Technology, the Technische Universität Wien deals with biochemical, biotechnological and analytical approaches to the production of various bioactive molecules within the framework of white, red and green biotechnology. The focus is on the production as well as structural and functional characterization of proteins, development of bioinstrumentation and innovative bioprocess technology, molecular diagnostics and bioindicators for application in health, hygiene and food safety, as well as the identification, development and production of low molecular weight bioactive substances, in particular from post-growing raw materials.

Against this broad and diverse background, we expect many exciting and interesting contributions from the young researchers as well as a lively interdisciplinary exchange with participants from all areas and the visitors of the Vienna young Scientist Symposium 2017.

Chair und Reviewer: Assistant Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Heidrun Halbwirth and Associate Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat. Martina Marchetti-Deschmann