Vienna young Scientists Symposium
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Vienna young Scientists Symposium

June 25-26, 2020


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The VSS 2020

© Matthias Heisler
© Matthias Heisler
© Matthias Heisler
© Matthias Heisler

Mostly young Scientists are going to present their research work on 25 and 26 June 2020 in an interdisciplinary accessible and descriptive way. The first conference day starts with an opening ceremony. Afterwards the speakers start with their talks, poster presentations and prototype exhibitions which are structured in two parallel sessions. The symposium is closed with the Science Dinner for the speakers. During the science dinner participants will be awarded in different categories.

All members of TU Wien are invited to present their research work at the VSS 2020 and to join the audience. Participation is free of charge for speakers and audience.

Participation as a speaker

If you would like to participate as a speaker, you have to submit an extended abstract (2 pages in English language), which should be a summary of what your research is about. Please note that your research has to be linked to one of the research fields of the VSS 2020: "Innovative Materials and Green Chemistry", "Energy and Resource Engineering", "Sustainable Buildings, Cities and Infrastructures" and "Environmental Analysis and Modeling". Professors of the TU Wien review the extended abstracts. We would like to point out that we want to enhance interdisciplinary cooperation. Thus, please take into account that research work can, for instance, be linked to "Innovative Materials and Green Chemistry", even if you are not a materials scientist or a chemist. Requirements and further information can be found on the other sub-pages of this website.

Participation as a member of the audience

Everybody who would like to participate as a member of the audience is invited to register for the VSS 2020 within the period from 10 April to 18 June 2020.

The review process

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by professors from the respective research field. The reviewers decide, if the work is presented as a 15 minute talk or a 5 minute talk which includes a poster or exhibit. For the first time at VSS 2020, the reviewers will have the opportunity to "highlight" presentations that describe special methods that could be particularly interesting for collaborations in the research area. The review process includes also professional feedback on the research work of the author.



The accepted extended abstracts are going to be collected and published as the proceedings of the Vienna young Scientists Symposium. Each author will receive one copy. The proceedings will receive an ISBN to allow citation.

Reasons to participate

There are many reasons why you should participate, if your research work is linked to one of the research fields of the VSS 2020. First of all you are going to meet colleagues, who work in a similar field as you do. Challenges can be discussed and ideas to solve problems can be born. Further, if you are an early stage researcher, the VSS is a good chance to participate in a conference and to improve your presenting skills. Last but not least you will have a publication in the proceedings.