Vienna young Scientists Symposium
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Vienna young Scientists Symposium

13.-14. Juni 2019


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Information for Presenters

As an author of an accepted extended abstract you are going to present your research on June 13-14, 2019 at the VSS 2019 either as scientific speed talk, which includes the exhibition of a poster, or a talk. The schedule is released in Programme. Please take the following requirements into account.


There are two different types of talks, scientific speed talks (including the exhibition of a poster) and talks. You were informed in an e-mail for which type of talk you are accepted. Talks and poster sessions take place in TUtheSky (Getreidemarkt 9, room number: BA11B09) or BA10A. Please use the VSS templates for your slides and poster.

Please note that the deadline for the delivery of your presentation material (slides) is June 6, 2019. The reason is that we have to include it into the presentation framework and check if everything works on the conference computers.

Scientific Speed Talk and Poster Exhibition

You are presenting your research activity within a three-minute talk (exclusive introduction of your person). Your talk should contain the motivation for a specific research field, the research activities and some results along with a forecast. The presentation requires a poster or a prototype and may serve for later discussions at the end of the speed talk at the exhibition. We want to ensure a relaxing atmosphere during the poster sessions. Thus, the poster sessions are connected with a long coffee break.

Please bring along your poster on 13 June 2019 at 8 a.m. and expose it on the poster wall. The posters are going to be exposed both symposium days.


You are presenting your research activity within a 15-minute talk (exclusive introduction of your person). The presentation can contain motivation, your research activities, the benefit for the public and society aspects, a summary of your results and a forecast.

A presentation may provide a poster or prototype for exhibition. Since a poster or a prototype is no requirement for a talk, please write an email in case you would like to present one:

Symposium Language

You can choose between German or English for your talk and your poster at the VSS 2019. But since colleagues who prefer the English language will attend the VSS, we recommend to talk in English and design your poster in English. This will make your talk accessible to broader audience. The opening and closing session will be held in German.


Please note that you audience will be composed of colleagues from different research fields at TU Wien. Thus, you should try to prepare your talk and your poster accessible for this audience.


Please show respect for your colleagues and be present for their talks. The goals of the VSS are to meet each other and get creative independently from the borders of your research group and institute. Please don't show up only for your talk.